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September Heather 'n Yon Article Correction

In September's Heather 'n Yon, an article was published by Estelle Matus on Page 15. Estelle's article appears to have cited an article in the new owner orientation handbook that was written in 2000. HGMD currently operates under the City of Aurora Resolution R2008-17 adopted on March 17, 2008, which recinded and re-enacted all prior resolutions. This resolution made HGMD permanent.

The article states, "Until recently, both presidents of the HGA Board and HGMD met weekly with the CEO to ensure close cooperation." That is true.  But as stated in the rationale for Motion 6-9-21-2023 Formalization of Budget & Management Requests, adopted by the District Board on September 21, 2023, HGA has recently required that all requests from the District be made by formal board action which requires a motion and a vote by the Board.

The article also states, "HGA is the exclusive agent for the HGMD for the duration of the bond issue." That is not true. The resolution does not control who acts as agents for the District. Further, the management agreement in which the District hires HGA as agent for the management of the District properties was signed in 2018. It renews annually, as is required by law. The District Board cannot obligate the District for any expenditures which are beyond that which are annually appropriated. Therefore, the Board cannot promise to hire HGA in 2025, for example. 

Bondholders are paid interest on their investment. Taxes collected by the county on behalf of the District are paid to an account restricted to servicing the bond debt. HGMD does also receive Lottery funds used for recreational purposes. 

The article also says that "The board ensures that its property is maintained in a condition satisfactory to the City of Aurora." This is the District's legal obligation, but practically speaking, HGA is contracted to maintain the properties, and they believe that they make the maintenance decisions. HGA and HGMD are working to further define these roles.