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Heather Gardens welcomes our new chef, Josh Bryant, to our Rendezvous Restaurant.  Josh grew up near Long Beach, California and in Utah where his mom and dad influenced him with their love of cooking and their work in the culinary field.  At the age of 22, Josh moved from Utah to Las Vegas to begin his career.  He worked in the well-known House of Blues restaurant, in a variety of small bistros and cafes on the strip, and for the healthy catering enterprise True Foods Kitchen Catering where he learned about making healthy meals to meet consumers special dietary needs.   To enjoy a climate similar to Utah’s where he grew up, Josh and his family recently moved to Colorado.  Josh’s experience as a line cook, sous chef, kitchen manager and culinary arts trainer, make him well qualified for his new position as the Rendezvous chef.  Looking toward to the near future, Restaurant Manager Cormac Ronan and Josh are working together to expand the current menu.  Pasta dishes, casseroles, steak dinners, and a variety of desserts will all be appearing on the menu.  The extended hours in April will also see more choices for appetizers and dinner specials.  Standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Josh is excited about bringing his creativity and expertise to a restaurant full of promise and positive change for all diners.  When you see Josh, please welcome him to our Heather Gardens Community!