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Recall Issues Common to All Directors - Employee Resignations

The recall petitions state that since the Directors targeted by the recall took office, the HGA CEO, CFO, Security Chief, Clubhouse Manager, Maintenance Manager, and Resident Services Coordinator have resigned. The inference is that HGMD is responsible. 

The original petitions stated  that we had created a toxic and hostile work environment that resulted in these resignations. We objected and these allegations were disallowed as false statements. We pointed to HGA's HR Manager's November Heather 'n Yon Article below in which she quoted exit interviews from employees who resigned. None gave HGMD as a cause for their resignation. 

Holly's Exit Interview Article.pdf

HGMD Directors were prohibited from communicating with employees except for very limited, preapproved communications, and frequently received unsubstantiated reports that Directors had violated this HGA policy.  HGA published the below Pilera message on May 31, 2023, stating that "...District Chairs know they are not permitted to interact directly with employees..." HGA's HR Manager's letter to employees on June 14, 2023, clearly states the pressure employees were under to avoid all contact with HGMD directors.

Association Response Letter.pdfHolly's Letter to Employees.pdf

The Association Response Letter was published after HGA refused to publish HGMD's notice on May 29, 2023, attached below:

Community Message for Pilera.pdf