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Committee Vacancies and Application

Contribute to HGMD Descision Making?

Committees are the foundation of our governance.  The Heather Gardens Metropolitan District(District) provides  recreational services and facilities to the residents of Heather Gardens, as well as members of the public. The clubhouse includes meeting and class rooms, a library, swimming pools, exercise equipment, a billiards room, and provides a wide variety of classes and serves as a center for social activities and entertainment. The District includesIt includes a restaurant,  a golf course, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and a recreational vehicle storage lot. The District also provides street improvements and maintenance of Linvale Place and landscaping adjacent to city streets in Heather Gardens. Committees research  projects and policies and make recommendations to the Board. Please volunteer if you have an interest and a desire to make a difference.

We are constantly amazed at the  level of expertise our volunteers bring to the table. But expertise is not required. We have volunteers who devote countless hours, learn the issues involved in operating the District, and offer common sense which can sometimes be pushed to the rear when dealing with complex problems. We want to hear from you. Below are the list of District committees and what they do. If a committee is full, you will be placed on a waitlist, so don't hesitate to apply.

HGMD Standing Committees:

  • Audit/Finance Committee: This committee reviews the monthly income and expediture reports for the District, and assists in the budgeting process.
  • Clubs/Activities Committee: This committee assists HG clubs and organzations, as well as activitity groups, and committees without a Director as chair to prepare their projects or bring their concerns to the Board. In the past it was difficult for clubs or a group of residents to know who to approach when pursuing a project. Frequently, they ended up feeling as though they were getting the run around, when they actually just never contacted the right person to help them. This is the place.
  • Clubhouse Committee: This committee reviews the monthly income and expediture reports for the clubhouse, oversees the operation of the clubhouse, monitors and recommends capital improvements, sets user fees for classes and activities, and assist the development of additional classes and programs.
  • Compliance Committee: This committee assists other committees in the development of their procedure memoranda, prepares revisions or develops governing documents, oversees District procedures for legal compliance, monitors legislative changes that impact special districts and lobbies state legislators and special district matters.
  • Foundation Committee The foundation committee manages the charitable donations made by HG residents and others for capital improvements for the benefit of HG as a whole, approves funding for those projects , and monitors their implementation.
  • Restaurant Committee: The restaurant committee reviews the monthly income and expediture reports for the restaurant, makes policy and pricing recommendations, and assists the restaurant manager with special events or project development.
  • RV Lot Committee: This committee oversees the operation of the RV Lot including the development of rules, security coordination, oversight of security cameras, and  prepares and proposes RV Lot improvement projects.

HGA/HGMD Joint Standing Committees:

  • Joint Budget and Finance Committee: This committee works on funding matters and financial functions common to the District and the Heather Gardens Association (HGA).
  • Joint Capital Program Subcommittee: This subcommittee works under the direction of the Joint Budget & Finance Committee to make recommendations to HGA and the District Boards in the performance of their fiduciary duties to provide and maintain adequate cash reserves to repair, replace and maintain the HG properties.
  • Joint Insurance Subcommittee: This subcommittee works under the direction of the Joint Budget & Finance Committee to provide insurance specific expertise .
  • Joint Long Range Planning Committee: This committee works on issues that will impact the community over the course of the next two years and beyond to maintain property values and the high-quality of life enjoyed by HG residents.

HGMD Ad Hoc Committees:

  • At this time there are no ad hoc committees

We hope that you'll consider joining one of these Committees. If interested, please complete the two forms attached in the sidebar using the online forms OR return them to the HGA Management Office in the Clubhouse on the second floor.