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Federal Fraud Claim Lawsuit Dismissal

The federal Fraud Claim Act lawsuit against HGA and 19 other HOA's in Colorado has been voluntarily dismissed by the Plaintiff Riner and voluntarily dismissed by the U.S. Attorney without prejudice. That means that Riner's case is over, but the U.S. Attorney could in the future chose to pursue criminal action.

The case was dismissed upon a motion by another HOA on behalf of all defendants because Riner, a Florida resident, had no information other than that available to the public.  The motion cited case law requiring a plaintiff to have some specific knowledge concerning the defendant's conduct.

The motion is attached below as well as the voluntary dismissal requests:

2024-4-16 Motion to Dismiss Fraud Lawsuit.pdf2024-4-16 RIiner's Notice of Voluntary Dismissal.pdf2024-4-16 US Attorney Notice of Voluntary Dismissal.pdf